“ ECARDS Dolakha was founded to act as a non-profit social development organization. „

About ECARDS Dolakha

Ecology, Agriculture and Rural Development Society Dolakha
(ECARDS-Dolakha) was founded to act as a non-profit, non-governmental, non-sectarian social development organization.


Established in 1996, Ecology, Agriculture and Rural Development Society (ECARDS), Dolakha was registered in District Administration Office Dolakha on 11th Baishak 2053 B.S.( April 23, 1996) It is non-for-profit, non-governmental organization accredited in Social Welfare Council, Nepal.

During its inception, democracy in Dolakha was in infancy stage, and it was not institutionalized up to the grass root level. Although the democratic environment was being first-rate, the framework of development was not penetrated up to the grass root level. Due to political instability and ineffective government system Dolakhalee people, especially people of remote villages do not taste of development. During its establishment phase, there was a natural disaster in some VDCs which resulted into a humanitarian crisis and livelihood problems. In addition to that, the existing social, gender, increasing unemployment and economic gaps between poor and rich has created a remarkable poverty gaps.

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Partners of the ECARDS-Dolakha

  • Government agencies
  • Networks and federation organization
  • Civil society organization
  • Donors of different level
  • Political parties
  • News agencies and persons 
  • District women rights forum
  • Child/Youth clubs
  • Right to food coordination committee
  • District leader farmer network

Target groups of ECARDS program

  • Women, Dalit, Janajati and Tribal community
  • Small and marginalized farmers
  • Workers
  • Poorest of the poor family
  • Landless trustee tenatee
  • Children and youths
  • Conflict affected children (including disabilities)
  • Disaster affected vulnerable peoples (like; women, disabilities, children, old, poor etc)

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