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ECARDS-Dolakha has completed several projects which are in Table 1. ECARDS-Dolakha has centralized its activities in relief packages to natural disaster victims, local capacity building, community mobilization and empowerment, rural infrastructure development, community forestry development, institutional development, and reflect training. In this period, more than 13 projects were complected and covered almost all VDCs and a municipality of Dolakha. The major achievements of these projects were:

  1. Immediate relief to natural disaster victims and  arrangement of food and shelter to victims
  2. Increase of awareness on natural disaster and its management and reduction of potential risk associated with disaster
  3. Community become aware and initiated identification of problems and its solution at local after receiving reflect training in ten places of the district.
  4. Increase access to technical services especially on veterinary and increase employment to local people
  5. Development of coordination and collaboration among service providers
  6. 21 Community fotest user groups (CFUGs) were provided formation and handing over support to local communities and four CFUG have reformatted its operational plan and ten CFUGs received wellbeing ranking services and seven CFUGs received governance coaching.
  7. Initiation of poor and vulnerable people focused programme in the district. 
  8.  ECARDS-Dolakha facilitated 4 Bio briquettee enterprises, 4 gultheria distillation enterprises, 2 hand made paper enterprises establishment and this has resulted promotion of local resources and employment generation in local level.   
  9. In 150 farmer groups, by using a locally available resources and good technology adoption 3700 households farmers were able to generate additional NRs 5,000-15,000/year from seasonal and offseason vegetables.
  10. More than 21 VDC level Agriculture Development Committees are formed to facilate and implement the agriculture development activities in the VDCs.
  11. Produced more than 78 experienced leader farmers for the purpose of diffusion of sustainable agricultural technologies through farmer to farmer.
  12. Three community based disaster risk management committees and five ECO DRR Clubs in the schools are formed to create awareness and reduce the hydrometeriological disaster. Three community base disaster risk management plans, one risk sensitive landuse plan and disaster risk reduction school manual.

Table 2: Current Projects of ECARDS-Dolakha

Title of the project Date of contract (in AD) Major objectives Target groups Budget in Rs Program VDCs Donors

Nepal Integrated Development Programs (Atmanirvar)

2010 AD

Formation of saving/ credit groups and undertake development activities, practice sustainable Ag. Program to improve food security and livelihood, base line data collection

Women, ethnic caste, dalit, poor, small and marginalized farmers


Bhedpu, Suri, Gairimudi and Mirge VDCs

World Neighbors (WN)

Community lead emergency response toward early recovery program

2015 june  to december 2017

To support in the construction of the temporary shelter, construction of the food storage, construction of the female friendly space and temporary learning shelter

 Earthquake affected specially Ethnic caste, poor, Dalit, women, children, workers, small and marginalized farmers


Kalingchok, Gairimudi, Babare and Hawa

Action Aid International Nepal

recovery and restoration of living condition in earthquake affected  district of Nepal

2015 june  to July 2016

 providing emergency support in the construction of the temporary shelter, promotion of the level of nutrition for the children, support to pregnant women, livelihood support and community sanitation support

 Earthquake affected specially Ethnic caste, poor, Dalit, women, children, workers, small and marginalized farmers


Sundrawati and Suspachhemawati

TDH Germany

Building resilience through family preservation, family reunification and psychosocial support.

2015 July to 2015 November

Data collection of the unaccompanied, vulnerable and separated children, providing them comprehensive emergency family support

Earthquake affected specially single and double orphan


48 VDCs and 2 municipality
Some VDCs of Sindhupalchok district


Fostering rural livelihood recovery and resilience of earthquake affected communities in Nepal

July 2015 to December 2015

to reconstruct and renovate the rural physical infrastructures which keep direct link to the livelihood of the rural communities

Damaged infrastructures of the rural communities of six VDCs


Gairimudi, Mirge, Melung, Bhedpu, Suri and Chankhu


Implementation of  Community Based Climate Risk Management Initiatives on NAPA Themetics Sector in Dolkah

Dec. 2011

Baseline Mapping / Stock- taking Strengthening  capacity of  the communities, school and local government agencies on CRM Action Plans  and implementation strategies with linkages with stakeholders to ensure sustainability Coordination and  linkages Sensitization, awareness and  advocacy    Support implementation of Community based CRM and Initiatives including small mitigation measures

Vulnerable people (like; women, dalit, disabilities, poor, janjati) of Khare/Suri watershed areas


Khare, Marbu, Chankhu, Suri and Jhyaku VDCs