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Rigtht-based approach:
Right based approach is one of the best learning of ECARDS-Dolakha in senenteen years continuous working in social areas. In this approach, socially excluded section or target groups (like;  dalit, janjati, women, poor, disabilities) are empowered to improve access and control in locally available resources and set up a right over their resources. To assure the rights, reflect, participation of right holders in development decision making, social activeness, inclusiveness in local GOs and NGOs, partnership, and advocacy for protection of rights.   

Multi-partnership approach:
Improvement of livelihood needs a multidimensional approach. Empowerment of target groups, increase in access and control to resources and multipartnership are key areas, where ECARDS-Dolakha is continuously working. To achieve this, multipartnership is essential and we believe in this approach. To address local level issues, local level institutions, VDC, DDC, NGOs and government agencies were brought together for partnership.    

Business development services approach in local level:

ECARDS-Dolakha integrates sustainable development through good quality services. To sustain and minimize the cost of service delivery at local level, local capacity building will be integrated in the development activities. Local resource persons are developed and minimum service delivery cost will be charged to maintain the service. To precede this approach, district level ECARDS resource center was established. Most of the services will be delivered through resource center. In service delivery, locally available human resources will be best utilized and the high level expert of different sector is available in roster of ECARDS resource centre. ECARDS use the expert from this roster for short term work.