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Climate change, natural resource and disaster risk management:
ECARDS made its efforts in natural disaster relief and natural resource managemen in its establishment. ECARDS makes its efforts to raise issues of three Ja (Jal-water; Jamin-land; and Jangal-forest) especially of ethnic minority, tribal, dalit, women workers, small and marginized farmers, landless, tenatee, and poor and increase their access to these resources for upliftment of livelihood through sustainable management of these resources. The organization views these resources as a fundamental human right and compares these resources with social and cultural rights of peoples and works for food security to every members of the society.
In recent year the issues of climate change is increasing and ECARDS exploring the people’s opportunity and contains in the context of climate change. Mitigation of climate change induced problem is the key concern of ECARDS. Recent years ECARDS have been working in disaster risk management in community (for those vulnerable people like; women, disabilities, poor, marginalized pople) and district level and providing technical and professional services to community and the district level stakeholder for disaster risk management.

Forest and agriculture based micro enterprise development:  

The organization takes forest and agriculture based micro enterprise development, is one of the major tasks, under which locally available forest and agricultural raw materials will be best utilized for self employment, economic gain and for improvement of livelihood of target groups of the local communities. As we know, Dolakha is famous for its Non-timber Forest Product (NTFPs), seasonal and off-seasonal vegetable production, horticulture, and livestock. To harness these resources, currently there are expansion of road to every VDC and rural electrification.   

Sustainable Agriculture Management:
Nepal is an agricultural country. Dolakha, which is one of the Himalayan districts of Nepal, is comprised of different geographical setting and a large section of people are directly dependent on agriculture occupation. Increasing productivity of the agriculture is one important aspect to sustain daily livelihood, it is being decreased the productivity day by day due to imported chemical fertilizers, improper utilization of pesticides and agriculture fragmentation. In this situation, ECARDS has worked in sustainable agriculture management through utilizing locally available resources, skills and capacity building and it has planned to change the traditional subsistence agriculture to commercial agriculture.   

Water Resource:
As we all know Nepal is the second richest country of the world in water resources. Dolakha is also a potential district for economic transformation through water resources. ECARDS-Dolakha has raised agenda of water resources especially in Upper-Tamakoshi and other hydroelectric projects, which are operated in Dolakha. ECARDS-Dolakha advocates increasing access of local people in water resource. The major issues raised by ECARDS-Dolakha include assurance of shares in upper Tamakoshi hydro project, youth employment, equal wage to equal work and multiple uses of water such as irrigation, fishries, transportation, and tourism development. The organization urges to increase access to local community in drinking water supply, irrigation, and other uses of water.         

Youth and children:

Nepal is one of the richest countries in laborous youth force and it supplies workers to world market. Remittance is one of the major sources of our gross domestic product (GDP), which in reality our youth workers exchange with their sweat in foreign land. Due to economic recession in the world market, our labor force is coming back to home country and they were used in several illegal and political activities. They were involved in several bad habits and our country could not receive good services in the nation. To best utilize youth force in development activities, ECARDS-Dolakha has planned to utilize them in social transformation through and economic development activities.  ECARDS Dolakha has also made its effort to support the promotion of the rights of children and youth within an integrated child protection system.

Improvement in human rights:
As we all know that Nepal faces a ten years long armed conflict. Currently, the ten years long conflict was ended and it is now in transitional phase and logical end of peace process underway. Conflict was to some extent resolved but the impacts were still in everywhere. ECARDS Dolakha, is responsible organization of the society, is now working in peace process through reintegration of armed conflicted and affected children in the society. Due to the conflicts, the psychosocial illness is witness in several VDCs in Dolakha. To address this issue, ECARDS-Dolakha has recently initiated counseling services to the patients. The major essence of human right such as political rights and social cultural and economic rights will be focused in the coming days so that long term peace and equity based society will be established.    

Policy advocacy:
Policy of the nation plays a crucial role in social change. That’s why it should consider all aspect and all should be received good benefits from the policy implementation. Our policy formulation process is not inclusive and not based on facts and voice of the people. Several policies were formulated with an influence of a vicious circle of the society. As result, two classes were formed and conflict was in climax. It needs a thorough advocacy to establish a system in policy formulation and people should involve in policy formulation especially weaker and socially backward section of the people. The policy, which protects the rights of the backward populace (like; women, dalit, disabilities, poor and marginalized people), should be enforced. ECARDS-Dolakha has an advocacy wing to facilitate these issues.