ECARDS-Dolakha aims to ascertain an ideal social environment for a safe and respected livelihood of every members of rural community including excluded and marginalized members of the society to establish equitable and prosperous society.   
We are dedicated to shore up in increase access of communities in locally available resource management for poverty reduction through people’s empowerment to set up an unprejudiced society.   

To increase the agricultural production through the sustainable management of soil.

  • To organize and empower the rural people for the sustainable management of natural resources.
  • To enhance capacity of community based organizations and other institutions for management of natural resources in a sustainable way.
  • To promote non timber forest product and Agro-based enterprises for the income generation of rural people.
  • To promote disaster resilience community enhancing their capability to cope with natural hazards.
  • To provide support to children associated with armed forces and armed groups to reintegrate into the society.
  • Conduct peace building activities through child/youth clubs for conflict management in the community.